The Open Prairie Trikers, is a local chapter of triking enthusiasts of the south central Kansas area, of the BTW, an abreviation for "Brothers of the Third Wheel". The BTW is an international organization that was organized for the specific purpose of uniting trikers and is the major resource for triking information. Each individual chapter of the BTW has it's own calendar of events, which includes National events, Regional events and especially visiting other chapter events, including the fun of triking out of state, to some of these events. A very good resource for information concerning these chapters as well as any of the other activities and resources of the BTW would be the National BTW website, found in the dropdown menu and the published by-monthly publication called "Triker" which can be subscribed to, my mail or digital. This is a magazine that is professionally put together and does an excellent job of documenting about anything one would want to know about our organization and our trikes. Another great way of getting connected with our group is through facebook. Most of the chapters today use either a website or facebook or both. Kansas publishes a website for the Kansas chapters and again, that link is also located in the above drop down menu. And the best way to get connected is to attend some of our rides and/or meetings. Please know that anyone is welcome and, one does not have to be a member to join in our activities, however, to vote, one must join our national organization, the BTW and also in some chapters, including our chapter, pay a small chapter fee. For more information on that, contact our chapter Director, Larry Lee.

A few words about the trikes and trikers: Historically, the BTW was founded back in 1982 with only homebuilt trikes, made mostly out of VW cars, so today, 2017 we are in it's 35th year. I would also like to add and maybe with a bit of pride, that one of the founding members is still a member of our chapter today, Mr. Dan Seely, also know as "Junkyard Dan", and of coarse, very knowledeable about VW's & VW trikes, of which there are still a bunch of them out there!

However, the BTW has changed with the times, and with greatness! Many of our trikes today are now manufactured, considering all the motorcycle dealers adding three wheelers in their sales, and the discovery that riding on three is outragiously fun to ride with so much added comfort and I might add, with a bit of class.

And we still have the trikers that had their trike, either custom built, or maybe they bought a kit and put it together themselves, or simply designed theirs from scratch and built it themselves, which is legal in the majority of the states. And some of these trikes are incredably beautiful. Interestingly, regardless the cost, one that was built on a very small budget will get as much attention as the ones that come with a great investment. Most assuredly, if its a trike even if it's a combination of a bike with a side car, they all get the attention, everywhere! Of coarse, part of this might be due to the most outragious and coolist guys and gals that ride them! Not bragging, just fact!

However, when we all ride together, that is when the glory of the BTW becomes more like a traveling show. And it's really awesume to see us riding together. Regardless of what type or kind of trike one has, they are all enjoyed beyond what words can truly describe.

And I might add, the trikes are only a part of this picture, it's our family of trikers that bond us together. The personalities that enclose this group of triking enthusiasts are quite numerous and enclosed within these differing personalities is found the richness of our brotherhood that draw us all together. We do consider ourselves as family, a family of trikers that find a warm and most rewarding fellowship, each and every time we get together.